Desiring God books – all $5

Desiring God is the ministry coming from pastor and author John Piper.  If you are not familiar with Piper, he is one of the most respected and solid authors and Bible teachers in American Christianity.  I have more books of his in my personal library than any other author, and with this deal plan on adding to the collection.  Desiring God is having a bit of a transition in the way they do ministry.  For years they have had their own store alongside the wonderful resources available free on their website.  But they have decided to close the store section on the website, and rather they will direct people who want to purchase books to or other websites that sell.  As they do this they are going to clear out their inventory so they have made all their books available for $5.  If you enjoy reading Piper jump on this (I am).  And if you haven’t read any of his books give his work a try.  I would suggest beginning with the book Desiring God.

Here’s the link to the store page to find these books and other resources.

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