Family Worship for Christmas Day


This year Christmas is on a Sunday.  That created a little tension, since generally our church meets on Sunday.  As we considered our options, we wanted to do what was best for families.  We would like to encourage your family to join in our church’s worship on Christmas morning.  We will gather at 10 AM (or whatever time works for you), after presents are opened and kids have burned off the morning energy with their new toys.  But we want to encourage you to spend a few minutes thanking Jesus and looking to Him.  Click on the document above to get the worship.  As part of your worship, we have included some Christmas carols to be sung.  Below we have links to videos on Youtube that have fairly common and easy to sing Christmas carol music with the lyrics on the screen.  You will need to either gather around your computer, of if you can, hook the computer up to your TV so it can be seen by everyone.  We also have a family activity, a family prayer time, and some Scripture, and some thoughts to consider as a family.  The one thing you will need to do in advance is wrap an empty box, something big enough to put some tags on.  You will also need to make copies of the gift card and cut them, on colored or construction paper if that is possible.  Have this ready before you begin your worship time.  All these are designed to have you worship Jesus, the newborn King.  God bless, and have a merry Christmas!

Joy to the World


Angels we have heard on high


Silent Night


Here I am to worship

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