Judgement Day – come and gone

A lot of frenzy over the crazy prediction by a false prophet named Harold Camping that the end of the world was coming today.  Well, 8 PM has come and gone, and we are still here.  This is a stark reminder that we must be on guard against false teachers and prophets, and that we should carefully examine the Scriptures to make sure we know what God has actually said.  Case in point here, any person who claims to know the day and hour of Jesus return is denying the specific words of Jesus in Matthew 24:36-44, where Jesus clearly says that no one knows that time.

This is a video from Hank Haanegraph from the Bible Answer Man radio program critiquing Camping’s prediction and methods.

There are a lot of reasons these things matter for the people of God.  Millions of people are literally led away from Christ by wacked out religious views.  Be careful, then, that we “examine the Scriptures daily to see if these things (are) so (Acts 17:11).”



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