Devotion – Judges 5

Music is an amazing thing.  Music stirs the emotions and the soul.  Music sets the mood for us.  Music can say things that we can’t put in to words.  With music, we can rejoice or we can mourn.  With music we can dance or be or be moved to tears.  There are many ways people can worship and praise God, but music is so common, because through music we can be moved in ways nothing else can.

I don’t know many people who aren’t moved by some sort of music.  Some of us enjoy rock & roll, others like alternative music, others like country (I am not sure why).  Some people might enjoy classical, and others get a kick out of jazz.  But the bottom line is that music touches our lives, and gives us a tool to touch the heart of God.
As you read this chapter, you may have felt like you were rereading the story from Judges 4.  This chapter does retell the story of Deborah, Sisera, and Jael, but the difference is that this chapters is a song of praise.  The people sang this song as a praise and thanksgiving to God for how He had delivered them.  The song reminded them of what God had done, and moved them to trust and worship God.  And you can’t beat a song that has a line like Judges 5:25-26.  How about we sing a song this Sunday that talks about crushing a dude’s skull with a tent-peg.

The Bible has many examples of songs like this one, written after God had done a miracle in the lives of His people.   In fact, the entire book of Psalms is made up of songs that God’s people sang in worship.  It was sort of a song book or hymnal for them.  Psalms contains songs of praise, thanksgiving, confession, worship, frustration, fear, and just about anything else you can imagine.  God included this book in the Bible, because He knew that music was important in the lives of His people.

It is important to realize that music does stir the soul and lift the heart.  While music that sings about life, love, mysteries, and other things can be enjoyable, it is probably a good thing for followers of Jesus to be intentional that some of their music diet lead them into a vertical conversation, and lift their heart toward the great things of God.  While I am not big on calling music “Christian” or “secular”, we do need to acknowledge the influence music has, and find ways to allow music to become a tool of worship.

Take time during this day to use music to worship God.  You may want to sing a hymn or a worship chorus.  Or you may want to get a Christian CD and choose a song that moves your heart to worship God and sing along with them.  Shut your door and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks about you.  Spend a few moments singing to God, worshiping Him and thanking him for what He has done in your life.

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