Devotion – Judges 3

Here is one of those odd stories in Judges.  After eighteen years of serving other gods, and being oppressed by the king of Moab, God’s people cried to Him for deliverance.  God raised up a man named Ehud, who was left-handed (for all you southpaws out there).  The Israelites sent Ehud to Eglon the king of Moab to pay their tribute, which was like a mob payment for protection.  Now Eglon was a fat dude.  Eglon had not spent much time on a treadmill, but he loved exercising his arm with fork attached.   He was so fat that when he went to the state fair, the “guess your weight guy” refused, saying, “You don’t want me yelling that number out.”

Anyway, Ehud came to the king to pay tribute, to give the king money so he wouldn’t defeat Israel.  But before he went he made himself a short sword and hid it in his jeans.  He asked for a private meeting with the king to give Eglon an important message.  When everyone left, Ehud told the king he had a message from God, so the king stood.  Ehud reached to his thigh, pulled out the sword, and thrust it into the king.  Eglon was so fat the entire sword, handle and all, went into his body and was swallowed by the fat.  Ehud snuck away and returned to his homeland.  Meanwhile, Eglon’s servants wondered where the king was, but they figured he was in the bathroom reading magazines (you get the drift).  But eventually one of his servants said, “Even Eglon can’t spend that much time on the toilet,” so they got a key and opened the door and found the king dead.

In the meantime, Ehud journeyed home and announced what happened to the king and challenged the people to pursue the Moabites.  God gave the Israelites victory that day, and delivered them from being servants of Moab.
So what is the moral.  Well, first of all, realize that this is a true story.  It may be a little gross and a little weird, but it also really happened.  God’s people were being oppressed and put down.  They turned to God, and God delivered them.  He used a man named Ehud to accomplish the task. At this time in history God uses military power to protect his people and keep the promises He made to them as a nation.  We too are oppressed and in need of deliverance, but for us the deliverance is to sinful habits,

Realize that God’s methods may be different, but His purpose remains.  When God’s people are in oppression and in slavery to sin, His desire is to set you free.  These Old Testament stories show us a God who acts on behalf of his people to deliver them.  He still delivers.  We just need to see our idolatry, repent, and return to Him.

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