Family Bible Readings in Mark – Part 1

Started working on this project back at the beginning of our study in Mark, but got bogged down and didn’t get it done.  But then I heard this weekend about our new Genesis Kids Curriculum and how it encouraged Bible reading, and how our Genesis Kids leaders were encouraging families to begin reading the Gospel of Mark together, and I knew I had to get this done.  For the past couple months I have been reading through the Gospel of Mark with my six-year old, Josiah.  We read three or four times a week at breakfast after mom and the twins have left for school.  These Bible readings come from this time with him.  This is the first installment and includes twenty-eight readings on Mark chapters 1-5.  So enjoy, read Mark together as a family, and see God bless both you and your kids!

Family Bible readings on Mark-part 1

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