Giving – Finding Gospel Centered Organizations

Mentioned I would post this in the blog this week.  In our giving patterns, we will all have issues and ideas that light our fire and stir our passion. No matter what those things are for you, there are organizations that seek to meet physical and social needs while at the same time having a desire to share the Gospel.  This is a blog I wrote earlier on some values to consider while looking for organizations.

Here are some organizations with which we are aware that you might support.  These organizations make a Kingdom difference while seeking to share Jesus with people.  I also want to encourage you to enter the conversation.  If you know of or give to a Gospel-centered organization that you would like to recommend, post a response to the blog to let us know about it.

Getting Involved – Organizations that can help you make a Kingdom difference.

Poverty & Education


Mission St. Louis – A ministry of the Journey Church in St. Louis. Their mission statement is “Mission St. Louis exists to transform the city of St. Louis through education, empowerment, and development by connecting churches with neighborhoods in need.” I highly recommend these people.

New Life Evangelistic Center – The mission of the New Life Evangelistic Center is to provide Christian hospitality and respect for life through services of food, clothing, shelter, education, job training, and physical, mental, and spiritual health care to the poor and homeless in our local and global communities.

Christian Activities Center in E. St. Louis – The Christian Activities Center is impacting the lives of children and families through educational programs and other ministries impacting the poor. This is a high impact ministry in the heart of E. St. Louis, and a great place to serve, if you are willing to cross the river.

Urban St. Louis K-Life – –Their mission is, “To present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to urban youth in St. Louis by building lasting relationships with an intentional focus upon mentoring and discipleship.”


Samaritan’s Purse – Maybe the best organization around right now at meeting the needs of hurting people around the world while taking the Gospel to them.  They are best known for the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes they receive and take to kids each year.  But they do so much more.  Great organization whose founder and President is Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham.

Joy in Haiti – Organization run by Leslie Holdegraver, their purpose is to spread the Gospel in Haiti and meet the needs of people living there.

House of Hope Orphanage and Amer-Haitian Bon Zami – The orphanage, Christian school, and medical clinic we support in Haiti.

The Shoeman Water Projects – You might have heard of shoe collections around St. Louis where you could donate used shoes and they would turn those shoes into water for people.  The organization takes donated shoes by the shipload to third world nations and sells them very inexpensively, and then takes the money from the sale and builds wells and water purification systems in Haiti and Kenya.  George Hutchings who founded and runs this organization is a family friend of the Hubbards.

Living Water International – exists to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water, and to experience “living water” – the Gospel of Jesus – which alone satisfies the deepest thirst.

Oasis International – Oasis is a good choice if you want to get involved, because it is a ministry that is based in St. Louis, but is impacting poverty issues around the world. This means that you can find other ways to get involved beyond giving.

Mocha Clubs – The premise is that for the cost of two cups of coffee (or mochas) a month, which is about $7, followers of Jesus here can impact the issues of AIDS and poverty in Africa.

Compassion International – – Their mission statement reads, “Compassion International exists as Christian child advocacy ministry that releases children from spiritual, physical, economic, and social poverty and enables them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults.” While there are several ways to give to Compassion, the primary way is through child sponsorship.

Food for the Hungry – Their mission statement, “To walk with churches, leaders and families in overcoming all forms of human poverty by living in healthy relationship with God and His creation.”

Blood:Water Mission – “Blood:Water Mission is partnering with groups and individuals to empower Africans to build healthier communities through sustainable clean blood and clean water solutions, while developing social responsibility in the U.S. through initiatives that provoke personal engagement and ownership.”

Churches Helping Churches – Started by pastors James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll, this organization is helping rebuild Haiti by supporting efforts of local Haitian churches to serve people.

Missions and Church Planting

The Acts 29 Network – Church planting network, Genesis is an Acts 29 church.  This network seeks to plant healthy churches around the world.  If you were to give through this organization your money would be used to plant churches internationally.

International Mission Board – The mission of the IMB is to make disciples from people of every nation.  This organization sends thousands of Christian missionaries around the world who plant churches, educate children, care for physical needs, and do all sorts of other things to help people and serve Jesus.  If your passion is missions and evangelism around the world the IMB does a wonderful job of the work to fulfill the Great Commission.


Missouri Baptist Children’s Home – “Missouri Baptist Children’s Home is committed to serving God by responding to the needs of children, youth, and families, to make a lasting difference in their lives. The ministry demands that we integrate the highest professional standards and practices with our Christian belief system.” They have a location in Bridgeton, MO.

Life & Righteousness issues

American Center for Law & Justice – An organization that is getting involved in issues of righteousness from a legal perspective. They argue constitutional issues in courts and culture. They provide legal support to those who are encountering persecution from the culture for issues of faith.

Hand ‘n Hand Pregnancy Help Center in Barnhart, MO – (636)464-8400 – A center in Jefferson County seeking to love those going through a crisis pregnancy.

Thrive St. Louis – “Thrive St. Louis is a Christ-centered organization that empowers people to make life-affirming and healthy decisions about sex, pregnancy and relationships.” Their ministry includes a crisis pregnancy home for unwed mothers, as well as medical help and counseling for those going through an unplanned pregnancy.

Mercy Ministries of America – “Mercy Ministries is a non-profit organization for young women who face life-controlling issues. We provide residential programs free of charge designed to address the whole person: spiritual, physical and emotional. Our non-conventional approach to the underlying issues changes more than behavior; the Mercy Ministries program changes hearts and stops destructive cycles.” They have a location in St. Louis.

To Write Love on Her Arms – They are dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for those who are struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.

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