Gospel According to Jesus – Resource for Rocky Soil

Continued the series on Jesus’ parable of the soils yesterday, with our focus on the rocky soil.  The rocky soil represents people who quickly believe the Gospel, but have no root and after a short period of what seems to be Christian growth they quickly fall away when hardship arises.  I believe the issue Jesus is addressing here is that of easy believism, the result of misunderstanding the ultimate call of the Gospel to surrender all of life to Jesus as both Lord and Savior.  If the sermon struck a chord with you, I want to suggest a book for further reading on this topic.  John MacArthur’s book The Gospel According to Jesus examines Jesus explanation of the Gospel and the call to repentance and life transforming faith.  Worth the read, especially if you struggle to understand the cost of belief in Jesus.  While grace is free, and there is nothing we can deserve the gift of God, the response to grace is so more than a quick decision.

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