Devotion – Proverbs 14

There is a way that seems right to a man:

But its end is the way of death.   Proverbs 14:12

I have used this illustration multiple times when teaching.  One person is blindfolded and on one side of the room, with some sort of obstacles between him or her and the other side.  It might be chairs, or people, or eggs (that’s the best).  On the other side of the room is a person without a blindfold.  The goal of the game is for the person without the blindfold to give directions to the person with the blindfold as they walk through the maze of obstacles to the other side.

This exercise is amazing because it illustrates the Christian walk in a number of areas.   As the person walks, the first decision is whether or not to trust the other person.  But even when trust is established, the blindfolded person must determine if he or she will follow the leading of that voice or try to make it through on their own.

As humans, we must first decide if we trust the voice of God.  He speaks to us daily, and calls us to follow Him.  But even when people claim to trust God, they must also decide if they will follow His lead, or try to move through life on their own.  When we follow God’s leading, He will guide us through the dangers and troubles of life.  On the other hand, when a person trusts in their own way, their own direction, the end result is that they will fail and those dangers will destroy him or her.

While God can lead us in various ways, the clearest way he leads is through His Word.  If we don’t take time to read the Scriptures this is really in a way saying that we are following our own path.  But we also have to do what the Scriptures say.  It can be easy to come to a passage in the Bible that calls for a very clear response, attitude, or action and come to the determination that the Bible’s idea won’t work.  Rather than obeying the Scriptures we come up with our own ideas and plans to solve problems and fix relationships.

There is a way that seems right.  People always believe their way is best.  They think they can handle their own lives.  But the end result is always the same — death.  Sometimes this may mean that a person’s doing it their own way will literally lead to death.  But doing life “my way” will always lead to little pieces of your life being destroyed by mistakes, sin, unwise choices and failures.

When the person with the blindfold will stop, take a deep breath, determine to trust the other individual, and listen closely to her voice, following every direction completely, he or she will move to the other side without mistakes (and egg all over his shoes).  When you & I will take a deep breath in prayer each morning, determine to trust God, listen closely to His voice, and follow every direction completely, that person will avoid the dangers that life can hold, and will experience God’s plan for life every day.

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