Devotion – Proverbs 8

It was just ten years ago when St. Louis experienced one of the great sports turnarounds in history.   The Rams went from being one of the worst teams in the NFL to playing for the World Championship.  Much has been made of the turnaround season.  In the year before the Superbowl the Rams were 4-12, and for the most part they were a terrible team.  The next year they ended up 13-3 in the regular season and played in the biggest football game in the world.  Many reporters have asked a common question, “What made the difference?”  Why did the Rams go from one of the worst teams in the NFL to the best?

Many answers have been given, but it really is pretty simple.  The Rams had better players in 1999.  They added Adam Timmerman to the offensive line.  Timmerman is an all-pro and has played in the Superbowl.  Marshall Faulk was probably the best all-around running back in football, and the Rams acquired him in a trade.  They drafted one of the fastest men in the NFL, in Torry Holt.  And Kurt Warner has stepped in at quarterback and became the league Most Valuable Player.  It is amazing how much better the Rams coaching staff were in the Superbowl year with better players.  Did Dick Vermeil and the Ram’s coaches really get that much smarter in the course of one year?  Not really, they just had a lot more to work with.

In the same way, we can look at a Christian who is struggling in life and struggling in their faith, and then look at a Christian who living a victorious in life.  We would have to ask ourselves, “What made the difference?”  The answer is wise decisions.

In the Christian life, wise decisions are much like superstar players in the NFL.  Without wisdom, a Christian is destined for failure.  But with wisdom, a Christian can conquer Satan, sin, and the world.  Without wisdom, a Christian can make mistakes that will lead them down a path that can result in major life problems and even death.  But wise choices can lead a Christian to a place of having a strong faith, a joyful heart, and a prosperous life.

So how does a Christian gain wisdom.  Proverbs 8:1 tells us that wisdom is calling out.  Anyone who wants to know God’s will and wisdom can know it if they are willing to obey.  But gaining wisdom takes effort.  First, a person who wants the wisdom of God must commit himself to spending time in God’s word, seeking His wisdom.  Second, a person who desires wisdom must pray about every decision in life.  God will give wisdom to people who seek Him.  Third, a person must make a decision to obey God at all times.  Wisdom and obedience go together.

The Rams were victorious in the Superbowl, and it was so exciting to watch the team win.  But I have to tell you, it is so much more exciting to watch people serve God and decide to pursue wisdom in life.  That victory will last much longer than any Superbowl victory!

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