Devotion – Proverbs 1

Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, Friday the 13th.  What do these movies conjure up in your mind?  In some way or form, your probably think of the idea of fear.  Horror movies play on our fears.  Why?  Because we know that girl on the screen is about to get it.  You know how it happens.  You hear the music in the background.  The screen gets kind of dark.  The poor girl looks over her shoulder, knowing she is in danger, and then begins to run.  But no matter how fast she runs, the evil villain with the hockey mask stays right behind her (never mind the fact that he can’t run and has a bad leg that he drags).  Then, the inevitable happens, the girl falls down.  And the hatchet comes!  Fear is an interesting emotion, because it is a response to a possibility.

There are many things we fear in life.  We fear death, sickness, poverty, loneliness.  Did you realize that the Bible says we should fear the Lord.  In fact, this Proverbs 1:7 tells us that the beginning point of true knowledge and wisdom is fear of the Lord.  Think about it, who could have a greater impact on your life, a character of a horror movie on a screen, or the God who created you and is in control of your life?\

Is the Bible telling us that we should be afraid of God and run from Him like the girl runs from Jason?  Absolutely not!  But when we realize the greatness of God, and the fact that He is holy and righteous, and that He is judge, we must consider the possibility.  It is healthy to realize that God can do anything He wants at any time He wants.  He could judge or discipline us at any time, and even take us off the earth, if He chooses.  To fear the Lord is a response to the possibility — the possibility that if I don’t trust God and obey Him, that He will deal with me.

Fear of the Lord is reverence for God.  It is realizing that God is in control.  But to fear the Lord also means to realize that God is a loving God who wants to take care of us and desires the best for us.  The God of the universe is a God of grace and mercy. Fear of the Lord will always cause people to turn to God, not run away from Him.  Fearing the Lord will cause a person to trust God and obey Him.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning point of knowledge.  What could this mean?  In God’s terms, we don’t really know anything until we first realize that God is awesome, all powerful, and all knowing.  And God can do whatever He wants.  But those who trust Him and obey Him will be blessed and cared for by God.  In the long run, wisdom and knowledge without God is useless and foolish.

Do you fear the Lord?

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