Devotion – Hebrews 10

I am not a fan of horror movies, but something about them does intrigue me.  I have never been able to understand why the people in these movies, fully knowing that Jason or Freddie are in the house, will return to the house.  You know what I mean.  Their friends are already dead, but the person remembers that he left his car keys in the house.  Everyone in the audience is thinking, “How stupid can you be!”  No one in their right mind would realize the danger in the house only to return.  In fact, many times in these movies, there are warnings that the people ignore as they head back to the house.  It drives the audience crazy, because they want to jump through the screen and tell the people to get the dickens away from the place.  But no warning is sufficient, and they get the claw or the chain saw.

Remember that the author of Hebrews is writing to three distinct groups.  One group that the writer seeks to address are those people who are considering Jesus, but aren’t ready to accept Christ because of what it might cost them.  Maybe their family will put them out.  Or maybe they would have to change their lifestyle.  Whatever the reason, they know what they should do, and they realize what God wants.  After reading this far into the book of Hebrews, they understand the incredible sacrifice that Jesus has made, and know that His death is sufficient for their salvation.  But for some reason, they will not come to the point of repentance, and receiving Christ as their Savior and Lord.  They may decide that following Jesus would be too costly, or it could damage their reputation.  It may be that they enjoy taking a defiant position against religious things.  The reasons people reject Jesus are numerous.  Sometimes, when dealing with people, you can give them all the arguments, and explain all the truths of God’s Word.  These people may even agree with you, but they won’t make the commitment to surrender their lives to God.  At this point, what is the most loving thing we could do?

Possibly, in this instance, love will express itself through a strong warning.  This is what Hebrews 11:19-29 amounts to, a walk away warning for people who know that they need Jesus, but they will not respond.  The writer of Hebrews drops the gauntlet!  He gives the reader the bottom line.  If after you know about the cross of Christ, you return to your old house of sin, and refuse to come to Jesus, there is nothing else God can or will do for you!  God’s judgement is real, and sure.  “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God!”

When watching one of those movies, something on the inside of you wants to scream at the person on the screen, “Don’t go in there!”  In the same way, Hebrews speaks to the person who knows he or she ought to believe, but won’t.  If you are that person, it would do you well to heed the warning and trust Jesus.

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