From skepticism to faith – Lee Strobel’s story

The challenge for us in the series, Doubting your Doubts involves being honest with our faith presuppositions.  Whether you have been a Christian all your life, are in seek mode, or are a skeptic, you come to issues of faith with assumptions that often form your faith responses.  The goal is to examine those closely, and then look at the evidence presented.

Lee Strobel has become a well known author.  Once the legal editor of the Chicago Tribune newspaper and an avowed atheist, his presuppositions were confronted when his wife became a follower of Jesus.  After applying his journalist skills to the discovery of truth, Strobel’s faith changed.  Since then he has written several books designed to help others on a similar journey.  Those books include The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith, and The Case for Creation.  May of these books also have versions for older kids and teens, which may give parents a great way to wrestle with these issues with your kids.   Thought you might enjoy the video of his story.

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