Prayers of Praise and Worship

The Bible contains some incredible models of prayer given for us to learn and follow.  In the next few blogs I am going to include some of the great prayers in the Scriptures.  The book of Psalms is primarily a book of prayers, some given as songs and poems.  Since there are 150 of those, I won’t include a lot of the Psalms.  Rather, I am going to point you all to other places where people in specific situations offer specific prayers.  In this blog I will give some wonderful prayers of worship, praise, and thanksgiving.

  • Exodus 15 – Moses and Israel’s praise for God’s deliverance from Egyptian slavery
  • Judges 5:1-31 – Deborah & Barak’s praise for victory in battle
  • 1 Samuel 2:1-10 – Hannah’s praise for God giving her Samuel as a son
  • 2 Samuel 22:1-51 – David’s praise for delivering him from his enemies
  • 1 Chronicles 16:8-36 – David gives praise because God has loved his people
  • 2 Chronicles 6:12-42 – Solomon’s prayer of praise and dedication at the opening of the Temple in Jerusalem
  • Daniel 4:34-35 – King Nebuchadnezzar’s praise to God for restoring him
  • Jonah 2:1-9 – Jonah’s prayer giving thanks and praise for God’s forgiveness and restoration
  • Luke 1:46-55 – Mary’s praise after the angel announced to her that she would be the mother of the Messiah
  • Luke 2:25-38 – Simeon and Anna’s praise for their being able to see Jesus the promised Messiah
  • Romans 11:33-36 – Paul’s praise for the reality that God had given him wisdom
  • Revelation 4:11 – The prayer of praise at the throne by the saints in heaven

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