Biblical Reasons God does not answer some prayers

The Bible promises that God answers the prayers of his people.  But there are occasions in the Scriptures where God does not answer, and in some texts, does not even hear our prayers.  This does not mean that God needs a hearing aid, rather that prayer is first and foremost a relational activity between God as Father and his children.  If you have been praying and seeking answers from your heavenly Father, it may be that your answer is being delayed to give you greater patience or to provide a deeper relationship with him.  On the other hand, it may be that there are clear Biblical reasons for your disconnect with God.  Here are a few of those reasons.  If you find yourself in any of these, confess your sin, repent, and find forgiveness in Jesus.

  • A wicked attitude and sinful heart – Psalm 66:18
  • Insincerity – Matthew 6:5
  • Praying religious prayers with many words yet no real meaning – Matthew 6:7
  • Failure to forgive other people – Matthew 6:14-15
  • Asking with selfish motives – James 4:3
  • Lack of faith – James 1:5-6
  • Married couples failure to love each other – 1 Peter 3:7
  • Pride – Luke 18:10-14
  • Ignoring or disobeying God’s word – Proverbs 28:9
  • Those who are enemies of God and His children – 2 Samuel 22:42
  • Not caring for the poor – Proverbs 21:13
  • Unconfessed and unrepented sin – Isaiah 59:2
  • Those who pursue other gods and idols – Jeremiah 11:10-11
  • Hating good and loving evil – Micah 3:2-4
  • Having a hardened heart – Zechariah 7:12-13

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