Making SPACE for God’s Word in Your Life

I recently heard about this acrostic from a couple of people in Jim Breeden’s community group, so I asked him to share it with all of us.  He wrote the following, which is a simple way to find applications when reading the Bible.
Reading God’s Word is great, but better is allowing God’s Word to read you.  The Bible is a book best read by interacting with specific questions related to issues of one’s life. The following S-P-A-C-E acrostic will provide a way to make your daily reading of the Bible come alive.
Read a portion of scripture (1-3 chapters) per day and ask the following questions.

S – Sin        Is there a sin I am guilty of and need to confess?

P –Promise    Is there a promise I need to apply to my life?

A-Attitude    Is there an attitude I need to adopt or seek to change?

C-Commandment    Is there a commandment I have broken or need to obey?

E-Example     Is there an example of a person I should follow?

Practicing this approach to reading the Bible will allow one to practice Psalm 1:2, delighting in the law and meditating on it day and night. Each day one or several of the 5 questions will directly apply to your life and provide a truth to reflect and practice that day.

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