Bible Reading – January

We are starting a new series of messages in the morning on the importance and use of the Bible titled, Sola Scriptura. To go along with the series, I want to encourage every person connected with Genesis to begin reading their Bibles on a regular and consistent basis.  We are going to produce a monthly Bible reading plan designed to help people find a consistent level of Bible reading.  In our plan, people can choose to read one, two, or three chapters of the Bible each day.

To jump on board, or see the plan, check out the PDFs  below.  Join us in the great endeavor of reading together what God has said!

Bible Reading – January


Update: It came to our attention that the Bibliography PDF was a little whacky. This has been fixed, and you no longer have to turn your head, and pretend you’re reading an Asian language (Asian languages traditionally read from top to bottom down a column, and right to left across columns).

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