Devotion – Exodus 15

Music is one of the incredible gifts God has given the human race.  Music allows us to express our feelings, hurts, and victories in a way that moves every part of us.  Music touches the heart, challenges the intellect, and stirs the feet.

The medium of music can be used to do many things.  Sometimes a tune will move us to dance.  Other songs may stir romantic feelings.  There are songs that my wife and I hear that will instantly cause us to remember special times and places, and fall in love all over again.  Other music might bring out feelings of pain and depression on the inside.   Some bands thrive on songs that express deep hurt and hopelessness.  Still other songs can lead us to be challenged and motivated for the task at hand.  I still remember playing the song “We are the Champions” by the band Queen in the locker room before basketball games.

So which style of music is best?  Music preferences have always led to great debates.  My dad loves country music, which I can’t stand.  My classic rock and roll is way to hard for them.  Some of the great debates revolve around which band is the best, or which genre of music is the most popular.  This debate even takes place in the church.  Some like hymns, others like choruses.  Some want choir music, others want congregational singing.  Some want a band with guitars and drums, others want music with a piano and organ.   The amazing thing about music is that we may prefer different styles, but I don’t think I have ever met a person who doesn’t like music at all.

Yes, music is an incredible gift.  But the best aspect of the gift of music is that it gives us a wonderful way to express our deepest feelings and praises to our creator.  God gave us music as a mode to praise and worship Him.  When we sing great songs of the faith, it lifts our hearts to the very throne room of God.   This chapter contains a song the Hebrews sang to express their praise to God for the wonderful things He had done for them.  They would gather together and sing this song.  They would lift their hearts to God and remember the miracle at the Red Sea.

I want to share some thoughts about music in the church.  Every time we come together as a people, we sing our songs to the Lord.  So here are some ideas to remember when we sing:

∙    Don’t miss worship due to preferences —   A song may not be your favorite style, but you should worship in spite of that.  I don’t prefer country, but sometimes country songs can speak to my heart.

∙    Sing when you don’t feel like it — At times, singing praises to God in tough times can bring hope and faith when nothing else will.

∙    Don’t miss the meaning — It is so easy to get wrapped up in the music of a song that you miss the message.  When singing, pay attention to what the song says about God and teaches about our relationship to Him.

Give thanks for music, and sometime today take a few minutes to sing a song of praise to God for the great things He has done!

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