Interesting comments on Christians living the mission

I recently came on two items where atheists have commented in a very favorable way about followers of Jesus who were clearly living the mission of God. If you have a few minutes, watch the video on youtube and read the article from The Times in London.

The video is from Penn of Penn and Teller.  He is an outspoken atheist who has at times been incredibly critical, and even cruel to people of faith.  But in this video, he makes some amazing statements about a person who takes the time to give him a Gideon Bible.  In the video he makes the statement, ” If you genuinely believe in a heaven and hell,…  how much do you have to hate a person not to prostelitize (try to win them to your faith)?”  What amazed me about this is that an unnamed follower of Jesus, who was a businessman took a moment to share his faith in a simple way, and the result is that his story is being told on the web by a person who is usually outspoken against people who believe in Jesus.

The article in the Times is titled, “As an Atheist, I truly Believe Africa Needs God.”  It is an interesting perspective on the difference being made by African missionaries who are doing mercy ministry in the country, and how people who are being served by these missionaries are genuinely being changed.

The reason I am intrigued by both of these is that they remind me of a couple things.  First, that followers of Jesus are on mission.  But second, we do not go alone.  God is the one behind our mission, when we are willing to share the Gospel and live the message of Jesus.  God bless!

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