Cheering for the Other Side – A beautiful picture of the mission of God

I came across this article today, and thought it was incredible.  I was amazed on several different levels.  First, I was amazed to see a group of people l iving the Mission of God in such an incredible way!  This story is amazing and should challenge all of us to find ways to demonstrate the love and goodness of Jesus to people.  It is also amazing that this article showed up in a publication like ESPN the Magazine.  Too often, Christians are characterized by their opinions about issues, their involvment in politics, or just the fact that we can be mean-spirited.  The beauty of this story is that it is about a group of people who on a very real level, understand the meaning of the incarnation, that God came to dwell in flesh.  And they realized that the extension of that is that as followers of Jesus, they too were to be images of God living among people.  Read the article, enjoy, be challenged, and let this challenge you to find ways to live the glorious Mission of God.

Life of Reillyl article in ESPN the Magazine

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