Sermon on Baptism

At our weekend service this week, I am going to be speaking on the sacraments of baptism and communion. Baptism is a difficult issue, as we talk about the importance of believer’s baptism, or the need for people who have believed in Jesus to follow that with a public declaration of their faith in baptism. For many, their religious heritage includes being baptized as a child, so when we discuss baptism, it is difficult to understand why we would ask people to go through baptism after they have believed.

Andy Stanley, the pastor of Northpointe Church in Alpharetta, GA has given a very good message on the meaning and importance of baptism. I will be covering some of the ideas covered in his message, but wanted to provide a link to it for those who would like more information. You can find this sermon by clicking on the North Point link. So if you have questions, take time to listen to this. God bless.

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