“Expelled” and Intelligent Design

I want to let you know about a movie being released to theaters this weekend.  Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed is a documentary looking at the interaction between secular science and the theory of intelligent design.  Ben Stein, made famous by his appearance in Ferris Beuller’s Day Off– “Anyone, Anyone…” –   (he is also an author and was a speech writer for a couple presidents) narrates the documentary.  The movie seeks to ask why the scientific establishment will not even entertain the theory that something other than random chance led to the development of life.  In the movie, credible scientists who raised  the idea that an intelligent designer could provide scientific answers are interviewed, sharing stories of how the scientific and educational community has ostracized them because they raised the question.

Let me be honest now, and say that I have not yet seen the movie, but hope to do so soon.  I just wanted to get it out there so you were aware, and might consider taking a look.  I do know that the movie is not seeking to give evidence of Christianity or Jesus, but rather is raising a good cultural question about the place of an alternate theory of origins in the scientific community.

You can check out the trailer and get other information at the Expelled website.  You can also hear a couple good interviews with Ben Stein and R. C. Sproul.  Visit ligonier.org and find their media center.  Click on audio and scroll down to find the interviews.  Several theaters in St. Louis are showing the movie this weekend.

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