Easter Sunday @ Geggie Elementary

What a week?  As the flood waters rose this week, one thing became apparent.  We are not going to be able to meet at Eureka High School this week.  Here it is, Easter week, the Sunday that should be our biggest of the year, and we have to find a different location.  When I first realized this, I started to sulk, but then I saw some video of people who were having to leave their homes because of the flood, all of a sudden our little Sunday service location problem got pretty small.

So, first, our plan, and then a few thoughts.  Our plan is this.  We are going to move our service to Geggie Elementary School, which is at 430 Bald Hill Rd., here in Eureka (map).  Our service will take place at the normal time, 10:00 AM, and we will have our Genesis Kids Ministry as well.  Our service will take place in the school gym. If you normally help out by coming early, do everything you can to make it by 8 AM, and if you don’t normally come early, if you can this Sunday it would be a huge help.

Now a few thoughts about flooding in Eureka.  These are just some random things I have been thinking.  Feel free to add a few thoughts of your own.  (1)Natural disasters are really tough, but they are incredible reminders that we as humans are not really the masters of our domain.  Something greater than us has control.  No matter how hard we try, we cannot stop things like this.  (2)So why doesn’t God?  That is a very good question.  And any answer would be trite and trivialized.  I do not want to play God or try to act like I have a corner on His thoughts.  Events like this remind me that He is God, and I am not.  Yet, I can take hope that events such as our flood can and will be used by God for His glory.  (3)The last thought, at least right now, is that we need to enter into the suffering of people as this flood rolls through.  This is exactly what Jesus did with the cross, He left His position in heaven and entered into our suffering.  I am sure that there will be opportunities to help hurting people.  We need to find ways to enter into their pain and be a part of the solution.  God bless.

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