Devotion – John 19

I feel compelled to do something a little different with this devotional blog.  If you are a  believer in Jesus Christ, everything that you are and everything that you do is a result of what happened on that horrible day when Jesus died on the cross.  When The Passion of the Christ hit theaters, I was overwhelmed by the intensity of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.  If you have seen this movie, this activity may be easy.  If you haven’t, that’s ok.

Here is what I want to encourage you to do.  Take your Bible, and get to a place were you can be totally alone.  Then read this chapter, paying close attention to John 19:17-37.  While reading, focus on the things taking place in that verse as part of the crucifixion.  Imagine what happens, picturing in your mind the agony and intensity of the suffering and humiliation.  Silently remember the price Jesus paid.  Then, after thinking about each verse, say a prayer of thanks for what He did in that verse.  Be reminded that He did this for you.  Make the prayer personal.  After reading and thinking on verse 17, you might say, “Jesus, thank you for carrying that cross up to the Place of the Skull.  I know it must have been painful to carry the wooden cross on your scouraged back, and it must have been so heavy.  Thank you for carrying your cross for me.  Now, help me take up my cross for you.”  Do you get the drift?  Think on and pray through each verse of the crucifixion.  Then,  in your journal or a notebook, record your emotions and thoughts about the price Jesus paid for you.  I believe you will rediscover that we have a pretty incredible, gracious, and loving Savior.

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