Reform and Resurge Conference

I am in Seattle at Mars Hill Church this week for a great conference sponsored by Acts 29 and Mars Hill Church. It’s been a great, and very challenging week so far, and I appreciate the opportunity to go. Speakers at this conference include Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church in Seattle, author and pastor John Piper, Matt Chandler from the Village Church in Dallas, and Darrin Patrick from the Journey in St. Louis.

I was deeply challenged last night by a message from Dr. Piper titled, “Why I Trust the Bible.” He reminded us that the greatest evidence that the Bible is truthful and wonderful is that it leads people to Jesus. Every page, every reference, every word demonstrates the glory of Christ and the beauty of His sacrifice. As people read the Scriptures, they see Jesus in His glory, and their lives are changed.

So, I could fire off paragraph after paragraph of information about the things being taught here. Eventually, the files from the conference will be available at the Resurgence website. They already have great audio content, and the stuff from this conference will be incredible when they begin posting it.

I wanted to write to thank Jim Breeden and Nick Allen for their leadership while I was out. I am grateful that Jim is willing to step in and that I feel comfortable giving Nick leadership with the flow of the service and to make sure everything else gets done.

God bless, and have a great week.

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