Devotion – John 16

One key Bible doctrine we are called to believe relates to the trinity. We have one God, one in essence and purpose, who is revealed in three persons. For many, they can accept the idea of God the Father, and even the Son of God, Jesus Christ. But my experience has taught me that many people misunderstand the Holy Spirit, and many are almost afraid of the Him. There are many reasons for the misunderstandings. Some denominations have done some strange things that they attribute to the Holy Spirit, such as bizarre laughing and strange utterances. Even His name, the Holy Spirit, can give us weird ideas. Some call Him the Holy Ghost, giving the feeling like He is some kind of mysterious specter.

While it may seem easier to understand an loving Father, or the person of Jesus, we need to understand who the Holy Spirit is and how He relates to us. During Jesus last night with His disciples, the promise of the Holy Spirit is a key part of His message. Jesus realized that He would be going to the cross, and after that He would be ascending to heaven. At first the disciples would feel alone, but they wouldn’t be. God would send the Holy Spirit to be the ever present reality of God with them. So, exactly what would the Holy Spirit do?

The ministry of the Holy Spirit will relate to two groups of people. First, to those who do not believe in Jesus, the Holy Spirit’s job is to bring conviction. He will show people their sin, God’s righteousness, and the reality of judgement. He will work in the hearts of people to help them realize that they need a Savior. And for those who reject Christ, the Holy Spirit will stand as a witness against them as they choose their own way.

While His main role for those who do not know Jesus is to bring conviction, for those who have a relationship with Christ, the Holy Spirit became the presence of God in their lives to empower and strenghten them. When Jesus gave this talk with His disciples, He had been with them and was there to see them through. But in a few days, He would be gone. Jesus would soon be going to the cross for them, would rise again, and then ascend to heaven returning to His throne. But His departure was for their benefit, because God who was now with them would later be in them. He would show them truth, point them to Jesus, and glorify Jesus. Simply put, the Holy Spirit will work in every believe to do the same things that Jesus did for His disciples when He was with them in the flesh.

Every time you understand the Bible, or grow in your love for Jesus, these things happen because the Holy Spirit is working in you. Each time you share your faith, or share a testimony, the Holy Spirit gives you the ability. Each time you overcome a sin, you are only able to do this because the presence of God is in you through His Holy Spirit. Whenever you experience divine power in your life, the Holy Spirit is at work in you. Without the Holy Spirit, we could not do anything in the Christian life. Thank God that He put His Spirit in us! We should learn to know Him and understand Him.

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