Merry Christmas

So we just finished a great morning, unwrapping gifts, and hanging out with family. I don’t know about you, but I love Christmas. It just seems to be more special each year, as I watch my kids live in the wonder of it all. We told our kids not to wake us before 8 AM, which is a little like telling a whale not to make waves as it swims. They were up and ready much earlier, but we kept them waiting. We’ve had a great morning, and a wonderful Christmas.

So I decided to take a few minutes to write a short post this morning to say Merry Christmas, and wish you a great day. I especially want to thank everyone who gave of their Christmas Eve last night to help us make the service a possibility.

After the service, we had a plan that didn’t quite work out, but God was good. We’d planned to take a bit of our Christmas Eve meal up to the Salvation Army bell ringers at Wal-Mart. We met one of them on Saturday while we were wrapping gifts for the community. It was a lot of fun to hear him, as he sang carols all day long. Actually, he sang the same carol most of the time, Joy to the World. He mixed in the real lyrics with a lot of made up ones, and produces all kinds of verses to the classic song. While we were up there we found out that these guys were living in a Salvation Army shelter. He told us that they would be working until 7:30 PM, so we got home, made a couple boxes of food, and drove it up there, but they were gone. At first we were disappointed, but it just happened that as we were driving the parking lot, one of Eureka’s finest drove up in his police car. We talked to him for a moment, wished him a Merry Christmas, and gave him all the food to share with his co-workers that were on duty.  In the end, it was pretty cool to go out and share a bit, before we jumped in to our meal.

I say all this, because it was another reminder to me of how God sent His Son into the world, when He could have stayed in the comfort of heaven. And God has sent us to live our faith in the community in the same way. I am really enjoying serving and doing church with the people from Genesis, and I am really glad to be on this adventure with you. God bless, and Merry Christmas.

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