Everybody Loves Marriage – Week 9 Project, Singles

While doing a series of messages on marriage, it may seem that we are denying the very real truth that being single is also very valuable. The series was designed to speak into the lives of married couples to help them build strong, covenant marriages. But it was also designed to challenge those who are not married to chart a path to experience God’s best in that area of life.  Of course, the sex talk does not make it any easier.

In I Corinthians 7, Paul addresses both married couples and those who are not married. He begins by stating that it is a good thing when a person is not married. This is affirmed by the fact that our Savior was a single man, and so was the Apostle Paul. Paul even states that being single can be a spiritual gift (v. 6). He goes on to argue that a single person does not have divided loyalties, and can use his or her position to serve the Lord in greater ways (v. 32-38). That is the cool thing. A single person can do so much more, especially in the area of missions, social justice, and service. The freedom to go is greater because you do not have the responsibility of caring for a spouse or kids.

Read I Corinthians 7, highlighting all the sections where Paul is addressing those who are single. Jot some notes about what he says about the call of those who are not married, and the role sexuality plays in determining whether or not to get married. Also, take note of what Paul says about the way a person who is not married can dedicate himself to Jesus. Think about this, and consider ways that you can utilize your life at this time in greater service to Jesus and to make a greater impact. Pray about this, and consider taking a specific step in this direction. Here are some ideas:
-Make a commitment to take an adventurous mission trip in the next year. Go overseas or to a great American city.
-Find a social justice organization or a missions organization that you could serve at least once a month. If you need ideas see Mike or contact Jim Breeden ([email protected])
-Get involved in a ministry at Genesis, or start a new ministry through your church, especially one that might help us serve and reach the community, or care for those who are in need.

At your candle — Read I Corinthians 7 and pray about how you can use your life in greater service to God and His Kingdom.

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