Everybody Loves Marriage – Week 9 Project, Couples

Be aware that this project is definitely designed for married couples.

It would be pretty ridiculous for us to plan a reading or a paper and pencil project after this week’s sermon. The project for this week is pretty simple, add some flair to your intimate life. This is what you are to do. Early this week, plan your week, in terms of when the two of you will plan to be intimate. Set aside two blocks of time, and guard those times. The project is that you use these times to get out of the routine in your sex life, and to work to please each other.

For the first time the two of you have set aside, the husband is to plan your time together. Think of the needs of your wife, and the things that touch her deeply. Take the initiative to plan the time in order to please her and give yourself away to her. The second time you have set aside is to be the opposite. The wife plans the time and takes the initiative to please her husband and give herself away to him. There are all kinds of things you could do to change things up. Here’s a few ideas.

– A different location
– Appeal to the senses – smell, touch, visual…
– Think massage
– Change of time
– Use candles, oils, etc.

Of course, you can come up with your own ideas. Remember, the goal is for each person to use the time he or she is to plan to completely please their spouse and to give themself away. Enjoy!

At your candle — Read some or all of Song of Solomon.

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