Everybody Loves Marriage – Week 8 Project, Singles

This week’s message talked about God’s plan for sex and how we as fallen people make a god out of sexuality. One of the sins involved is having sex with the wrong person. Obviously, the desire to have sex is a significant problem for single people. We all want it, and given the right circumstances, even the super Christian would have sex outside of marriage. This week, we want you to grab an extra sheet of paper and work through this inventory of questions. They are fairly pointed, designed to challenge you to think honestly about the struggles you currently face and develop some strategies.

– What are you doing right now with your sexuality that is preparing you for marriage? In other words, is the way you deal with sexuality leading to marriage or in other directions.
– At what points are you most vulnerable to fall into sexual temptation?
– Which avenue does lust take to enter your life the quickest? Are you tempted most with the eyes (looking), touch and masturbation, the heart (ie- romance novels), the ears through music?
– How is your sexuality leading you to a deeper walk with Jesus? How is your walk with Jesus leading you to greater strength with sexual temptation?
– What boundaries can you set for yourself to guard against having a sexual relationship before marriage?
– Are you beginning to struggle with doubt in your single life? Is that doubt leading you to frustration and failure with sexual issues?
– How can you prepare yourself for an incredible sex life with your future spouse that will last for life?

At your candle — Read Proverbs 5-7 and pray that God would protect you from falling into the temptation of sexual sin, and that He would protect your future spouse as well.

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