Everybody Loves Marriage – Week 5 Project for singles (ladies)

This week’s project is for the ladies, so guys, you are off the hook (although you need to be sure to do last week’s project). The challenge this week was to become the woman God designed you to be. We want to encourage you to listen to a sermon by Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill Church titled, Women and Femininity. You can find the sermon online at:


(The sermon is in two parts on the website)

We believe this message will challenge you. Driscoll’s ideas are controversial, but they will make you think, especially in light of the reality that just about every other voice in our culture comes from the direct opposite point of view. Listen to the message, interact with it, be challenged by it. After you have listened, make a list of the qualities that you most respect in men, and the challenges you face in becoming a godly woman.

At the candle
— Read Proverbs 31:10-31. Pray that God would build into your life the character of the Proverbs 31 woman.

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