Everybody Loves Marriage – Week 3 project for singles

The project this week is a direct application from the message. It involves two, and possibly a third thing. The five love languages are words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and touch.
For the first part of the project, find a way to gather with three or four friends. Go to dinner or to have a cup of coffee together. Spend part of the time discussing these questions about yourself with your friends.

-What are the things that you or our other friends do for me that I seem to respond to in the most positive ways?
-Of the five love languages, which are the two that I tend to use to give affection to others?
-Which of the five love languages do I tend to ignore or ridicule when others are wired that way?

The second part is for you to do by yourself. Make a list of the top five things a person of the opposite gender could do for you (OK, you dorky guys, I know what you are thinking… keep it clean) that would make you feel loved or respected. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, share the list with each other. If not, use this as an exercise in understanding yourself. Spend time praying, thanking God for the way He made you and designed you.
If you would like to explore this topic on a deeper level, buy the book and read it over the next couple weeks. You can buy The Five Love Languages on a donation basis from Genesis, or you can find this or the version, The Five Love Languages for Singles at amazon.com. Not only would it be helpful to understand yourself, but it is also a great way to prepare for marriage.

*At your candle this week — Read Ephesians 5:33 and 1 Corinthians 13, and pray that God would prepare you to love your future spouse in the same way Jesus loves you.

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