Everybody Loves Marriage – Week 3 project for couples

The project this week is a direct application from the message. It involves two, and possibly a third thing. The five love languages are words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and touch.
The first part of the project is to be done together. Plan on spending some time together at the candle you bought in the first week, or at a place that is special to the two of you. At this place, do the following:

1. Each of you make a list of the top five things your spouse does that makes you feel loved and/or respected. After completing the list, share it with each other. Discuss which of the five love languages seem to be dominant on this list for both of you.

2. Discuss the following questions with each other. These are taken from the book on page 138.
-What does your spouse do or fail to do that hurts you most deeply? The opposite of what hurts you is probably your love language.
-What have you most often requested of your spouse? The thing you have most often requested is likely the thing that would make you feel most loved.
-In what way do you regularly express love to your spouse? Your method of expressing love may be an indication that that would also make you feel loved.

NOTE — for a more in depth quiz to determine love languages, see pages 193-203 in The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

The second part is something to do by yourself. Make a list of five to ten practical things you could do that would express love to your spouse in his or her love language. Make a commitment to do one of these per week for the next five weeks.
If you and your spouse would like to explore this topic on a deeper level, buy the book and read it together over the next couple weeks. We have copies for a donation. Or you can get it at amazon.com.

*At your candle this week — Read Ephesians 5:33 and 1 Corinthians 13, and pray that God would teach you how to love and respect each other

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