Everybody Loves Marriage Project — Week 2 for singles

We believe that it is important for you to have a strong relationship with Jesus as a strong foundation for your relationship with your spouse. For your project this week, we want you to think and pray about the path you will take to move toward God’s purpose in life.

Find your place of solitude. If you don’t have such a place, consider taking a hike or finding a place in the outdoors where you can be alone. Take your Bible, and a journal or pad of paper and a pen. Your project for this week is to write a life purpose statement. Spend a little time reading Scripture and praying, and then write a two to three sentence statement that expresses how you see yourself pursuing God and being used by Him.

Hopefully, you will have as your purpose to glorify God and enjoy Him. But don’t only write something about glorifying God or trying to serve Him. Try to explain how you see yourself doing this. Include what you believe will be your career path, what you perceive to be your Spiritual gifts and talents, and what you believe to be your mission. If you believe God wants you to go to Africa as a missionary, this should be included in this statement. Spend some time working on this statement so that it is a clear reflection of what you believe God is calling you to be and do. After you have completed the statement, use it in your prayer times for you and your spouse. Ask God to send you someone who will complement and help you fulfill His purpose for you.

You might choose to tighten the statement by showing it to a friend and asking him or her if your life purpose statement is a true reflection of your calling and personality.

At your candle this week — Read Genesis 2:23-25 and Malachi 2:13-16 and pray for your future spouse.

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