Everybody Loves Marriage Project – Week 2 for Couples

We didn’t want every project to be touchy-feely (sorry ladies) because we knew the guys would eventually get bored. So this weeks project is designed to speak the language of the husbands. We want you to build something. Yep, power tools and all. The first thing you will need to do together is sit down and plan a time when you can do this. Put it on your calendar. You will need to include time to go to a hardware or lumber store and time for the project. Once you have your date set, visit this website to get the plans for your building project.


You should be able to complete the planter box with about five, eight foot 2″x4″ pieces of lumber and a few nails or wood screws. Go to the hardware store together and buy the lumber and materials. You will also need to choose a potted plant to go in the box. Then come home and build the planter box together. Guys, overcome the temptation to do it for her. Rather, do it with her. Teach her to use the saw, hammer, drill, etc. if she hasn’t used them (of course, in the Hubbard house, Heidi owns all the tools). As you are working on the project, discuss the following with each other:

– Why did God bring us together?
– The most fun I have ever had with you was when we…
– If we were to live God’s purpose for our marriage, in what ways would our lives be different in ten years?

We would like you to bring your planter box with the plant to church next Sunday as a part of our decorations for next Sunday.

At your candle this week
— Read Genesis 2:23-25 and Malachi 2:13-16 and pray for each other.

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