Getting ready for Easter – Friday

Don’t forget our “Good Friday Service” tomorrow at Watertower Christian Ministries in South St. Louis. Meet at EHS, 9:00 AM.

Scripture – John 19:1-30

Personal exercise – Use the arts today. Lots of options. If you are a writer, write a prayer, a poem, or a story that expresses feelings and ideas about the cross. If you are an artist, draw or paint a picture that symbolizes the cross. If you like music, spend time listening to songs about the cross. You might even write your own.

Family exercise – Make a cross out of a couple boards. You might have a few 2×4’s laying around, or you could use two larger tree branches and nail them together. Use your cross as a symbol for your family. Have your family share the reasons Jesus died on the cross. Explain that ultimately, the cross was God’s way to forgive sin. Give each member of the family a notecard or small piece of paper and a nail. Tell them to write down some areas of sin that have been troubling them on the card. After each person has written on their card, have them bring their card and nail and nail the sin to the cross you have made as a symbol of what happened to their sin when Jesus died.

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