Getting ready for Easter – Wednesday

Scripture – Mark 14:22-31

What a great gift Jesus gave when he began the ordinance of Communion, a tangible way to remember His incredible sacrifice for you and me. We will be celebrating Communion on Sunday morning as part of worship as a reminder of the great lengths Jesus went to make our relationship with Him a possibility. Picture the scene, it is Thursday night. Jesus gathers with the twelve men who have followed Him for three years to participate in an ancient Hebrew festival, the Passover. This festival involves a meal, and a remembrance. The meal is an image of God’s provision, even in the worst of times, even while God’s people lived in slavery in Egypt. As they ate, they were to remember the great lengths God went to deliver them from the hand of the Egyptian Pharoah. Every Hebrew had participated in this festival annually since they were born, they knew the rituals and the meaning. But this night was different, Jesus gave new meaning. The meal, rather than a reminder of God’s work in the past, was now an image of God’s provision through Jesus. As they participated, they were to remember Jesus body broken and blood poured out to deliver them from slavery, the slavery of their own sin. These men would not realize the complete meaning of this meal for another three days, until after Jesus body was broken and his blood was spilled out.

Personal exercise – Pick a meal today to eat alone. Use the time you are eating to reflect on the cross, to pray, and to consider what Jesus did to provide hope to you.

Family exercise – Explain the celebration of Communion to your kids. Take some time to explain why we do it, the meaning the event contains, and what Communion represents.

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