Getting ready for Easter – Tuesday

Scripture – John 13:1-20

The devotionals for the next three days will focus on the events that took place the last night of Jesus’ earthly life before the cross, known as Maundy Thursday. Jesus and the twelve disciples went to a private place to celebrate the Passover. During the evening, Jesus did something that was extraordinary, he took up a towel and began to wash the feet of His disciples. This duty was reserved for the lowliest of servants, but Jesus demonstrated the key to great leadership, the greatest demonstrates his character by becoming the least. He would take this service to the next level on Friday when he suffered incredible humiliation and shame in his death.

Personal exercise — Take an inventory of the people present at this story. Think about it. Who stands out? Peter? He would deny Jesus, but Jesus washed his feet. James and John? They wanted power and authority, but Jesus washed their feet. Judas? This is the one that gets me. Judas was about to sell Jesus out for a small stash of coin. Jesus knew it too (see vs. 17-19). Yet, Jesus washed Judas’ feet. Who in your life needs a good foot washing. In other words, who do you need to go to and serve, love, forgive… Take time today to send a card, make a phone call, or even go to that person and give them some love.

Family exercise — Do a family footwashing service. Gather the family, get a basin and a couple towels, and wash each other’s feet. Pray for each other as you do it. I would encourage the dad to take the lead in this exercise, washing mom first and then the kids. Then mom can go, and then the kids can wash each other. Encourage the kids to wash the feet of the sibling they have had the hardest time loving.

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